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Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition

The Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition is an annual event which is held in Newtown, Johannesburg. The event is popular amongst locals and visitors from around the world.

Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition has established itself since 2004, as Africa's premiere music industry event. You don't want to miss out on this great event. Moshito is aimed at the business intelligence of the music industry in South Africa and around the country. The event is all about informing traders and the public about the diversity and dynamics of the global music industry.

Due to the increase of music piracy, stakeholders joined together to focus on these needs in particular as well as marketing South African music beyond our borders and many other topics. The three days will be fun filled with a great line-up of goods and services, live performances and exciting workshops.

Moshito's membership consists of a number of key stakeholder organisations:
Association of Independent Record Companies (AIRCO)
Composers' Association of South Africa (CASA)
Creative Workers' Union of South Africa (CWUSA)
National Organisation for Reproduction Rights in Music in Southern Africa Limited (NORM)
South African Music Promoters Association (SAMPA)
Southern African Music Rights Organisation, Limited (SAMRO)
The Music Managers Forum of South Africa (MMFSA)

For more information on this event contact +27-11-838-9145 or email info@moshito.co.za

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