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Scopex will be held at the Military History Museum in Saxonwold in Johannesburg. This event will take place on the 21st July 2012 from 9am to 9pm. It is a popular event has become one of the great astronomy events of the year.

Scopex is a public outreach initiative which was designed to promote interest in astronomy, telescope making and astrophotography to mention only a few. Scopex is meant to educate and encourage participation by the public, as well as gather like minded people with a common interest. It was also brought about to publicise and recruit new members to astronomy clubs and societies and even other clubs in this field. Each year there is a Scopex expo which showcases work of individuals and organisations. There will also be lectures, competitions, equipment and astrophotography exhibitions and workshops.

Scopex was first started in 1993 with an Amateur Telescope Making class. The Pretoria Centre also had members with experience in this hobby and the two groups drew together. As the word spread, classes grew bigger and by 2002, ScopeX was formed.

The Scopex expo is a family outing. It is exciting and very interesting with lots to see and do. There will be an Amateur Telescope Making Exhibition where you can exhibit your own telescope or anything else you have created relating to astronomy. There will also be a Telescope Auction and a raffle. You will be able to browse and buy telescopes and accessories, books and many other related items. There will be science shows and telescope making demonstrations. The whole day is going to be fun filled with great prizes to be won.

Submit all your entries to the Help Desk by 11am. They must be clearly marked with a title aperture, shutter speed, film type, speed or ISO, equipment used and processing applied. Do not put your name on the caption as they will be placed on the photos after judging has taken place.

One of the highlights of the event is the annual Star Party which begins at 5pm. This is when you can admire the night sky through a telescope and gaze at the stars. This is the perfect opportunity to bring a picnic along and relax under the skies.

Don't miss out on this wonderful event, you won't be disappointed. For more information contact 082-650-8002.

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