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Momentum Big Heart Run 750

The Momentum Big Heart Run 750 is a sporting event which is specifically organised to raise awareness and funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa (HSFSA). The event will be held in Centurion.

The race is made up of eight Momentum employees. They will be taking to the road to run the 750km from the head office in Centurion to Durban. The race is not an easy one and is run during the middle of winter which makes it even more challenging. All of these participants have a story to tell of their own, either due to themselves battling with one of the diseases or a friend or family member who has been lost due to the disease, this gives them a passion to bring awareness to the public.

The team of eight will run in relays. Each day the runner will run for two sessions of 50 minutes. Every day will begin promptly at 5:30am.

The public are encouraged to get involved too. Keep a watch on the internet and see how the group are doing. The public are also allowed to donate towards the cause.

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