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Hopefield Fynbos Show

Hopefield Fynbos Show
The Hopefield Fynbos Show is an annual event which is held in Hopefield in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is a popular event amongst locals and visitors from around the country. The show normally takes place over the last weekend of August each year.

The Hopefield Fynbos Show will boast over 200 species of fynbos from renosterveld, sandveld, rietveld and wetland areas of the Hopefield district. They will be displayed in recreations of each of their own natural habitats. It is a spectacular show of natural beauty, a must see. Don't miss out.

The show has something for every one of all ages. The whole family will enjoy the outing. There will be a variety of stalls offering visitors delicious eats as well as a tea garden and a beer garden. You can also enjoy the flower route and fossil museum where you will get to see and learn so much about the flowers and the area. The children can look forward to tractor rides, an animal petting farm and lots more fun and excitement.

For more information contact +27(0)22-783-0856.

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