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McGregor Food and Wine Festival

McGregor Food and Wine Festival

The McGregor Food and Wine Festival is an annual event which is held at the NG Church Hall and Garden in McGregor in the Western Cape, South Africa. The event is popular amongst locals and visitors from around the country. Each year the Festival grows in size and popularity with more guests enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Serenade spring and savour the good life at McGregor's 2013 Food and Wine Festival. Relish tastes of country fare both trad and trendy, sip winning wines that range from robust reds to delicate organic whites. Crafts, art, and entertainment for all ages are on the menu. Bring your family and friends, book your beds and revel in our handmade hospitality.

Date: Saturday August 31st 2013

Venue: Dutch Reformed Church hall from 10h00 till 16h00

Entrance fee: R60 which includes a tasting glass and wine tastings.

Contact McGregor Tourism on 023 625 1954 or email info@tourismmcgregor.co.za for more information. Visit www.tourismmcgregor.co.za for details of wineries, restaurants and entertainment.

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