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Aardklop Festival

Where: Potchefstroom
When:  24-29 September

Aardklop Festival
The Aardklop Festival is held in Potchefstroom in the North Western Province of South Africa. The Aardklop Festival is a well known and well attended by locals and visitors from all around the globe. This Arts Festival offers a variety of arts, entertainment, food and drinks. The list is endless and all ages are catered for. The Festival is professionally organised and very well run. The programme includes more than 65 productions such as dramas, an opera, dance and many more. There are numerous well known artists, award winning writers and Hertzhog prize winners being staged at the festival. A spectacular highlight this year is the British Violinist, Daniel Rowland with the Chamber Orchestra, one of many not to be missed. There are so many talented and well known artists and musicians bringing entertainment from rock to jazz and boeremusiek to name only a few.

This Aardklop Festival is a must when in the area. It is festive and the atmosphere is electric. Entertainment galore, an experience of a lifetime.

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