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Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch

In 1977 South Africa saw the establishment of the first crocodile show farm, Cango Crocodile Farm. Nearly nine years later, in 1986 Andrew and Glen Eriksen purchased the Cango Crocodile Farm and the whole business changed. They concentrated more on conservation and moved the farms attention to the plight of the endangered cheetah. Today although the farm still has a large number of crocodiles, the focus is more on endangered species, including a number of big cats. More than 47 different species of animals and reptiles are now housed at the Cango Wildlife Ranch, the oldest and largest cheetah contact centre in the world.
Your journey begins in the ruins of The Great Temple, which was said to have been discovered by explorers in 1835 and it didnt take long for them to exploit the valley. Some say the river god became angry at the devastation and destroyed all who lived here. In 2006 the valley was rediscovered but this time there was no exploitation but rather conservation and preservation. Some of your stops as you make your way through the valley include the Zimbakwe Temple ruins with its flying foxes, blue duiker, Malawian chichlids and baby Nile crocodiles. The Malawian forest is home to Red river hogs and giant Nile monitors, while the Vulture Cliffs protect two endangered Cape Vultures and two Marabou storks. Snapper Gorge is only accessed via a suspension bridge crossing waters filled with 4 meter Nile crocodiles. This is where you are given the only opportunity in the world to get close to these predators during a Croc Cage Dive. The Madagascar environment of Lemur Island is where rare Madagascar Ring-tailed Lemur let you hear the haunting sounds and see the staring eyes which led early explorers to think of them as ghosts. There is the Pigmy hippo valley with its pigmy people and pigmy hippos surrounded by the habitat of the Congo. Also experience Spotted-necked otters at the Otter Waterfall, Southern Ground Hornbills, and interact with inquisitive Lorikeets in their aviary. Enjoy the Jumping jaws crocodile demonstration as you see these mighty beasts being fed from the moving jetty by your guides.

Apart from all the above, Cango Wildlife Ranch made sure that it was the child friendliest facilty along the entire Garden Route with its Kidszone, children's water and play park. Kidszone also has two giant 6m high fun fortresses, with rope ladders, a climbing wall and a 6 meter slide, a jumping castle, roundabouts and water canons for the older kids. There was also a specially designed and imported Tiny Tots area developed for the little ones, ensuring the safety of your toddler. Along with the kidszone there is also an incredible petting zoo where your age does not dictate the enjoyment value and the Wallaby walkabout where you can pet and feed the little wallabies.

A restaurant called Grunts is open for up to 120 guests and has a large deck overlooking Kuranda Forrest. It is available for evening functions as well as kiddies birthday parties. And Vundus will provide you with take away meals, snacks and drinks from its cosy little hut.

Cango Wildlife Ranch is open every day of the week including Christmas and New Years Day from 08:00 with the last tour departing at approximately 16:30. In season (December to January, July to June and September to October) the last tour departs at 17:00. Although the tours do not have set times, the operators ensure you that you will not wait longer than 30 minutes for the next tour to begin. Tours last 60 minutes.

Complete your experience at Cango Wildlife Ranch with a souvenir from their Curio Shop. They offer a wide variety of items, from keyrings, cuddly cats, African carvings to unique clothing range, which have been sourced from all over Africa.

For more information, rates or bookings please contact:
Tel: + 27-44-2725593
Fax: +27-44-2724167
Or email: reservations@cango.co.za

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is situated 3 km outside of Oudtshoorn on the R62 en route to the Cango Caves.

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