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Oep vir Koep

On the right hand side on the corner as you enter Paternoster...
Follow the curve of the road to your left. Go pass Oep vir Koep...

Whatever you look for in Paternoster, Oep vir Koop is the catch phrase in most of the directions. Also known as Die Winkel op Paternoster,the building once housed a fish factory that extracted oil from tornyn, a kind of porpoise, for its use in medicines, this shop is now a landmark in the small picturesque village of paternoster. Translated Oep vir Koop means open for shopping and this general dealer-come-eatery is definitely that! Famous for its speciality, Sardines on toast, the little shop is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat and a cup of tea. The flavours are rustic and mouthwatering and it is seasonal using produce that come from the small town and its surrounding areas, giving you a true taste of the Cape. Some of the South African products on sale include fig preserve, snoek, bokkoms, and koeksusters, a deep fried pastry soaked in syrup.

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Tel: +27-22-7522105

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