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Sevilla Rock Art Trail

Sevilla Rock Art Trail

The Cederberg Mountains in the North West of South Africa boast more rock art images per square kilometre than any other area in the world. There are total of over 2,500 discovered sites in the Cederberg area, compared to 280 in France and Spain combined. Nine of these sites are easily accessible on the Sevilla Rock Art Trail.
The walking trail starts approximately 36 km from Clanwilliam on the Wupperthal road and takes about 2-3 hours, taking visitors to these rock art sites which includes The Cave of Monsters. In these magnificent surroundings you are introduced not only to the life and culture of the San People (Bushmen) but also to the natural beauty of what was once their homeland. The walk is marked out with white footprints and is generally easy walking apart from the occasional scramble over large boulders. There are guide booklets available at the Clanwilliam Tourism Bureau, both short or more detailed. These guides include useful representations of the art, with some interpretation, and also references to plants found along the route.
The trail is open to the public as a joint venture between the Travellers Rest Farm and the South African Museum. Visitors must obtain permits from the farm, and the condition of sites is closely monitored to ensure that public access does not cause any deterioration of the paintings.

For more information and permits contact: Travellers Rest Farm
Tel: +27-27-4821824
Or e-mail: travrest@clanwilliam.co.za

For guide booklets and information contact The Clanwilliam Tourism Bureau
Tel: +27-27-4822024
Fax: +27-27-4822361
Or email: cederberg@lando.co.za
Postal Address:
PO Box 5
South Africa

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