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Nylsvley Nature Reserve

Nylsvley Nature Reserve is home to 370 species of birds  © tpsdave, License

Nylsvley Nature Reserve

Nylsvley Nature Reserve

Near the town of Naboomspruit in the Limpopo province lies one of South Africa's largest flood plains, The Nyl River flood plain. The grassland flood plain stretches over 70 km and forms an area known as Nylsvley. Part of this flood plain is incorporated into the Nylsvley Nature Reserve.

The reserve is widely known for its amazing variety of bird species, claiming 370 species of which 102 are waterfowl, 58 species of which breed on the flood plain (23 of these 58 are on the Red List of threatened species). At any one time there are estimated to be approximately 80 000 birds in the area.
During the flood season, the plains also become important in the breeding of large numbers of fish and frogs - the main food source of most of the bird life. The total number of bird species found on the entire flood plain is 412 which is almost 50% of the total bird species in the entire South Africa.

The reserve also plays an important role in the breeding of the Roan antelope and the Tsessebe (a rare breed of antelope).
Apart from wildlife, the only plantations of wild rice in South Africa are also found here.

The Nylsvley Nature Reserve also has a restaurant called the Spoonbill Restaurant which is open all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a refreshing drink.

The reserve is open 06h00 -18h00 every day of the year.

For more information on tariffs and reservations contact:

Tel: +27-15-2907336 or
Email: reservations@golimpopo.com

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