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De Wildt Cheetah and Wild Dog Sanctuary

De Wildt Cheetah and Wild Dog Sanctuary and Tour

This sanctuary was officially opened in 1971 and lies at the foothills of the Magaliesburg Mountains. It is a privately owned, non profit organisation and its primary aim is to create a captive breeding programme for endangered species. Some of the other programmes include wild dogs, the riverine rabbit, hyena and vultures to name only a few.

The Sanctuary offers a guided tour full of information and exciting sights on an open top vehicle. The guides are qualified and you will learn so much on this drive. The cheetah are beautiful and you will learn to appreciate them as you get to know more about them. On the tour you will also get to see the wild dogs in their habitat. The wild dog is an endangered animal and it is a privilege to be in such close contact with them.
This experience is not to be missed and the whole family will enjoy it.

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