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Bloukrans Bridge

Bungy Jump Off Bloukrans Bridge - Western Region, Eastern Cape  © Aaron & Carol, Copyright

Bloukrans Bridge

The Bloukrans Bridge, located near Nature's Valley in the Eastern Cape, was completed in 1984 and stands at a height of 216 m, making it the highest single span arch bridge in the world. Its central span is 272 m and the bridge is 451 m in length in total. The Bloukrans River which flows beneath the Bloukrans Bridge forms the border between the Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces. The bridge, which is situated along the Garden Route, roughly forty kilometers east of Plettenberg Bay, is used mainly as a road bridge and carries the N2 national highway, however it is also the site of the world's highest commercially operated bungy jump, and is recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. Thrill seeking visitors to the area are afforded the opportunity of heart racing action in one of four ways.

Bungy jumping at the Bloukrans Bridge is said to be the ultimate thrill. Jumpers are secured in a full body harness, and make their way slowly along a specially designed catwalk which is suspended below the road surface. The two hundred and sixteen meter long catwalk leads jumpers to the top of the arch, 216 m above the Bloukrans River. At this point jumpers are given final instructions by highly experienced and trained staff, before a countdown is started, and they take the leap. Bloukrans utilizes pendulum bungy technology, which is a combination of a special harness used with a special technique. This ensures the smoothest, most comfortable bungy jump possible.

The second adrenaline pumping activity available on the line up at Bloukrans Bride is the Flying fox. The Flying Fox is the newest adventure featured at the bridge, and consists of a two hundred meter long cable slide, known to many South Africans as a foofie slide, which takes visitors on an exhilarating ride onto the archway of the bridge. This is the fastest way to get to the bungy site, and is considered as a great alternative to the bungy for groups and families, although it is said to be just as exciting and fast paced.

The double rush adventure combo provides the truly hardcore thrill seekers with an added element of excitement. This is a combination of both the Flying Fox and the Bungy Jump, and allows visitors to test their courage by experiencing two of the most exciting adventures on the Garden Route.

For a slightly more relaxed, yet still thrilling experience, a milder form of entertainment is provided to visitors in the form of bridge walking tours. Visitors are invited to learn about the incredible engineering feats that were undertaken in the construction of this engineering and construction marvel. Here, visitors make their way along the specially designed catwalk to the top of the arch, and are greeted with awe inspiring views of the gorge below, the surrounding mountains, and the sea. This is the perfect way to watch the live bungy show up close and personal and is an ideal alternative to jumping off! For more information contact Bloukrans Bungy at Tel/Fax: +27 42 281 1458.

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