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Bivane Dam

Bivane Dam - Zululand & Maputaland, KwaZulu-Natal  © Pixabay

Bivane Dam

Situated between Pongola and Vryheid on the R69 lies the Bivane Dam. Construction of the dam, by the Impala Irrigation Board, was completed in 2000. The dam was built on the Bivane river to serve as a sustainable water supply for the town of Pongola, and its surrounding areas. The dam covers an area of seven hundred hectares, and has become a popular destination for a variety of outdoor activities and watersports. Lying within close proximity of the towns of Vryheid, Pongola and Piet Retief, the Bivane dam sits nestled amongst tracts of riverine forest, rocky hills and numerous steep cliffs and gorges.

An outdoor enthusiasts dream, the Bivane dam has no crocodiles, malaria and and no hippos, setting it apart from other destinations in the Zululand region, and making it an ideal space for a wide variety of recreational activities. The most popular activities at the dam are boating and Bass fishing, and a number of anticipated angling events are hosted there throughout the year. The rushing waters below the dam wall serve as an ideal location for canoeing and river rafting, and host the start of the annual Ithala Challenge Canoe Marathon.

Due to an ideal climate, and an extremely fertile soil, the region displays a rich diversity of plantlife which include Proteas, cycads, a wide variety of aloe species, and the Bivane Waterwood. The wild flower displays in spring are quite spectacular. As a result of the flourishing vegetation, the region which surround the Bivane Dam has also increased in popularity as a hiking and bird watching spot of note, with an abundant variety of bird species making it their home. Species regurlary sighted at the Bivane dam include White-backed Night Heron, Jameson's firefinch, Broad-tailed Warbler, Red-headed Weaver and the shy and elusive Short-tailed Pipit. A number of raptors such as the Martial and African Hawk Eagle, both Peregrine and Lanner Falcon, and Common Kestrel, are often seen soaring of the woodland areas of the region, scanning the vegetation for a meal. Hiking near the Bivane dam allows visitors the opportunity to view a number of wildlife species which include Klipspringer, Chacma Baboon, Mountain Reedbuck and, occasionally Serval.

Mountain biking, 4x4, and quad trails add to the list of popular activities at Bivane Dam, providing visitors with much heart racing excitement, and a further chance to witness the awe inspiring views of the majestic and scenic lanscape of the area. The Bivane Dam also boasts accommodation in the form of ten comfortable chalets , first class caravan and camp facilities and a bush camp. For more information call +27 83 283 8291or 034 - 4131314/5

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