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Isinuka Springs

Located in a densely forested region a few kilometers from Port St John's, the Isinuka Springs are visited by thousand upon thousands of people each year who seek relief for the various ailments which afflict them.

Traditionally the sulphur water is used to cure stomach and skin ailments. The name Isinuka, means "place of the smell", referring to the odour of the sulphur which radiates from the springs, and was given to the springs by the Mpondo people, who regard the site as a sacred area. To reach the pure spring water, visitors climb an enormous rock face using a fig tree as an improvised staircase. The thick remedial mud and bubbling water is believed to contain chemicals which are capable of curing all ailments.

Visitors are warned that If they do venture up to the springs, they are to please respect the local culture and watch what they step in.

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