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PW Vorster Museum

The PW Vorster Museum is housed in the building which was built in 1827. It was renovated in 1887 ,and a gable was added to the building's exterior. Inside the museum, an interesting and informative collection of old photographs and information about the founder families are exhibited. Relics from the military era shed light on the time when the peace keeping force was stationed here.

The van der Walt and Vorster families have played an important role in the history of Grootfontein, which dates back to 1781 when a certain Hendrik van der Walt made his living as a farmer on the modest property, Grootfontein. The farm Grootfontein was originally divided into two sections, with a dry river bed serving as the only boundary. The first owners of Grootfontein were Tjaart Hendrik Jacobus van der Walt and Nicolaas van der Walt. The farm changed ownership, and passed through the hands of the Van der Walt, Vorster and Du Plessis families,and Grootfontein gradually grew to its present size of 11 418 hectares.

The PW Vorster Museum can be visited by appointment. For further details consult the details below.

Tel: + 27 (0)49 842-1113 Fax: + 27 (0)49 842-4352
Address: Private Bag X 529, Middelburg, Eastern Cape, 5900

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