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Lake Mzingazi

Lake Mzingazi serves as Richards Bay's primary water supply, and extends from the suburbs into the tribal area in a north east direction. There are no protected areas around its perimeter with the possible exception of the "proposed conservation area" stretching from the Richards Bay Sharks Board base station to Ferelli Alley along the lake edge, and to the John Ross highway in the south. The forested areas consist mainly of climax dune forest, grasslands, wetlands and marshes as well as an area mainly described as "sand forest", which is considered a rare biome. The edge of the lake is covered largely by swamp forest, papyrus and phragmites reed beds. Excellent views over the lake can be obtained along the private road which connects Meerensee suburb with Arboretum.

The nine hundred and seventy hectare lake serves as a well liked destination for birdwatching, easily accessible via the various trails running through the area. A track which heads in a Westerly direction leads visitors to the edge of Lake Mzingazi. The forest which flanks the freshwater lake provides visitors with decent birding opportunities, with Wattle-eyed Flycatcher, Narina Trogon, Green Coucal, Scaly-throated Honeyguide, as well as Blue-mantled, Paradise and Fan-tailed Flycatcher being regularly sighted there. Also near to Lake Mzingazi is the Mzingazi Golf Estate, which is situated on the strip of land between the Mzingazi Lake and the Indian Ocean. The golf course is often visited by hippos which make their way there from the adjacent Mzingazi Lake.

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