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The Temple of Understanding - Chatsworth

The Hare Krishna Temple in Chatsworth, also known as the Sri Radhanath Temple of Understanding is one of the most visited attractions in Durban. It is said to be the largest Hare Krishna temple in Africa, and is an awe inspiring marvel of India's ancient cultural heritage; acclaimed as an architectural masterpiece and African landmark. The Temple of Understanding is built in the shape of a Lotus, seeing the construction ending in 1969, and the establishment of magnificent gardens following only six years later.

The impressive architecture of the structure features marble tiles, various brass ornaments, crystal chandeliers, imported Chinese lanterns and gold tinted windows which surround the exterior. The temple is capped with three large white and gold domes and the interior walls are adorned with numerous three meter high paintings which depict the life of the Hindu deity, Lord Krishna. Guided tours are given of the ornate marble temple room and inner sanctuary, along with various audio visual show presentations.

Also located within the temple is an excellent vegetarian restaurant, which offers an interesting variety of Indian vegetarian meals and fresh fruit juices. The restaurant also serves the community as part of a non profit Hare Krishna organization, which serves more than one thousand meals to the poor and destitute of the city everyday.

Opening hours : Daily: 10.00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 20:00
Price: Free
Address : 50 Bhaktivedanta Swami Circle, Unit 5 Chatsworth
Contact : +27 (0) 31 403 3328

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