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The Clansthal Beach House

Midweek Special Midweek Non-holiday special
Valid from 1 Jan 2020 to 1 Jan 2021.

Midweek Non-holiday special 
Sun to Friday minimum 3 nights@
R2000 per night

Special Long weekend special
Valid from 1 Jan 2020 to 1 Jan 2021.

Long weekend non-holiday special 
Thursday to Sun or Friday to Monday
R7000 for 3 nights

See normal rates information below.
**** Please enquire about our "per person" rates should you be a small group.
Normal Rates    
All weekends (min 2 nights) Friday - Sunday From R2800 per night
LOW Sunday - Friday From R2800 per night
MID SEASON Sunday - Friday From R3500 per night
PEAK SEASON Sunday - Friday From R4000 per night
Refundable breakage deposit   R1500 per booking
Rates sheet for school breaks 2020    
First Term 15 Jan- 20 Mar LOW
Easter Holidays 20 Mar - 8 Apr PEAK
Easter Weekend 10 April - 13 April PEAK
April holidays 27 Apr - 2 May PEAK
Second Term 31 Mar - 19 June LOW
July Holidays 19 June - 6 July MEDIUM
Third Term 7 July - 8 Aug;
10 Sep - 18 Sept
Gauteng Hols 8 Aug - 10 Sep MEDIUM
Michaelmas Hols 18 Sep - 30 Sep MEDIUM
Fourth Term 29 Sep - 30 Nov LOW
Dec Holidays 1 Dec - 27 Jan PEAK
1st Term 2021 12 Jan - 19 Mar MEDIUM

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Terms Of Payment
The Clansthal Beach House

Bank Account details
ACCOUNT: 9114148090
Code: 632005
Arrival & Departure Times
Arrival 14h00
Departure 10h30
1.Arrival and departure times are 14h00 and 10h30 respectively. Any changes to these times must be confirmed by the owner in writing or a surcharge will be levied for every hour or part thereof, that late departure has occurred.

2.Terms of payment. 50% of the total charge to be paid up front to secure the booking, the balance plus a refundable breakage depsit of R1500 MUST be paid 7 days PRIOR to arrival. The keys for the houses will be issued once the full amount owing has been paid in full.

3.The Clansthal Beach House can accommodate a maximum of 12 persons. If the number is expected to exceed this you MUST receive the approval in writing from the owner however failure to do this and the number of guests exceeds 12 the owner has the right to add the extra guests at an average room rate calculated on the booking rate and charge you the tenant.

4.Any social gathering planned that exceeds 12 persons must have the approval in writing from the Owner. No Bachelors parties, 21st parties or similar will be accepted.
Noise and disturbing the peace - Please note that our house is located in a nature Conservancy. Please be considerate towards our neighbours. No Fireworks are permitted. Loud music and unruly behaviour that disturbs neighbours will be ground for cancellation of this lease and eviction of tenant with no refund.

5.Smoking is not permitted inside the house. Smoking in the garden is pemitted but please don’t through cigarette butts into the garden.

6.Pets are allowed but please request permission prior to arrival. Please clean up after your pets.Please don’t allow them onto beds or furniture. Any damage to property by your pets you will be held responsible and a charge for cleaning will be deducted from the deposit. 
Please note that we have a caretaker on the property . Please advise us if your pets are vicious or threatening so we can warn our caretaker.

7. Domestic help - The house is not serviced. Should you require the help of a domestic please let us know in advance and we will arrage it. Pay our domestic directly R200 per day /R250 on public holidays.

8.Exclusion from Rental. Where the accommodation is taken up the retention(breakage deposit)shall be used for the replacement of damaged or missing items from the house, repair, cleaning or replacement of damage to furniture or fittings, special hire charged if required, unpaid rental and any abnormal cleaning charges.

9.The property is accepted as including all furniture, fittings and accessories “voetstoots” and in the condition in which they are found, and shall be left in the same order and good condition, fair wear and tear expected. The Owner takes no responsibility for the breakdown or malfunction of appliances during your stay, however, we shall make every effort to repair faulty appliances that are reported to us timeously. 

10.Soap, bath towels and toilet paper will be provided by the owner. Please advise if these items need to be replenished. Please bring your own beach towels.

11.An alarm remote and keys will be provided to you. If the keys or alarm remote is misplaced there will be a R500 deduction from your deposit. All keys are the responsibility of the guest. Any lost keys will result in a R250 deduction from your deposit/key.

12.Breakages of crockery. The cost of replacement will be deducted from your deposit. Any furniture, windows/doors or any other asset that is damaged by the guest the cost of which will be deducted from the deposit. Any shortfall the guest undertakes to make good the shortfall over and above the paid in deposit.

13.The property is secured by perimeter fence/wall. There are 2 entrances off the road. Up to 5 vehicles can be parked off the road on the proprty. Please refrain from driving down the Northern side of the property and onto the front lawn as this damages the grass.

14.The alarm remote is linked to an armed response company. There are also panic buttons located inside the house in the main bedroom and passage. Every external door has a wishbone lock or sliding bolt lock. We suggest keeping all doors secured at night. Any items misplaced/stolen is for the account of the guest and the owner takes no responsibility.

15.If there is any form of illegal activity or malicious damage to property, a complaint will be made at the local SAP Charge Office by the owner and a CRIMINAL CASE opened for investigation.

16.Entry and residing at The Clansthal Beach House is done entirely at the guests risk. The owners will not accept responsibility for any action/accident that may take place on the property that results in damage to THE GUESTS’ PERSON OR BELONGINGS. The tenant further exempts the Landlord from any loss or damage be it personal or to belongings in the case of fire, criminal activity or weather.

17.The repayment of the full or part of the deposit will occur within 14 days after taking the above into account. Please provide the owner with your correct banking details.

18.Terms of Payment. 50% confirms the booking. The other 50% to be paid 7 days prior to arrival, along with the refundable breakage deposit.

19.Cancellation Policy. More than 4 months 100% Refund, less than 4 months 50% Refund, and less than 2 months is 0% Refund.