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Ever since we started, way back in 1998, we have said that direct contact between guests and property have advantages over commission-based web sites.

We all know that commission-based web sites take *big chunks of commission, and pressurise properties to offer further discounts, leading to inflated prices.

This can lead to prices which are 30% - 50% higher than they could be, making it even harder for the average South African to go on holiday.

As a subscriber-based web site (0% commission) we offer these advantages:

  • Guests can phone you directly should they have questions. (This is an opportunity to offer a discount to “seal the deal”).
  • Guests can email you directly - giving you their contact details so you can call them and secure a booking (opportunity to “make a deal”).
  • ✔ Use the email contacts you gain to build your own mailing-list.
  • ✔ If you use Nightsbridge, we link directly with 0% commission to pay.
  • ✔ We provide a booking calendar that you can use on your own web site too.
  • ✔ Do you use iCal? If so we can link to it to synchronise with your existing calender.
  • ✔ Create your own “Specials” or “Discounts” to get more exposure - without paying to do it.
  • No skills required. We build and manage your listing for you.
  • ✔ Last but not least...
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Do you have a YouTube video?
We can link to it! (We are possibly the only South African Portal that can... because we are subscriber-based).

* Commission sites generally take 15% + VAT, plus additional $% to promote listings or pressure you to offer additional Discounts or Specials,
forcing you to inflate your prices further.
A subscriber-based web site like ours allows you to discount or create Specials on your terms - without crazy commissions.

Advertising fees are currently R2,295.00 per year.

We do NOT charge commission. You will deal directly with clients.