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Application Form : Step 3

Please note our basic rules of application, then proceed to fill in your online application below:

A) Dear Applicant:

Thank you for considering WhereToStay in order to market your property.

WhereToStay is arguably the last major website which charges no booking commission and also allows you to communicate personally with potential guests via telephone or e-mail.

It has become very apparent that paying the one-off annual advertising fee to WhereToStay makes far more Money-sense, than parting with 15% (average) every time bookings are made via the commission-based websites.

Although we try wherever possible to approve all applications, we reserve the right to decline applications that do not comply with our marketing strategies. This may not necessarily have any bearing on the quality of the property.

Annual subscriptions are valid for 12 months and paid in advance. If for any reason a client wishes to opt out of the arrangement (perhaps property sales or permanent tenants, or for any other reason) we do not action proportionate refunds.

B) In fairness to our loyal advertisers:

Our slogan states that persons searching for accommodation on the Where to Stay website will "deal directly with the owners / establishment".

Therefore, persons in any way associated with the organisations listed below (or similar organisations) may NOT register SELF CATERING properties on the Where to Stay website:

  • Holiday Letting Agents, Reservation Agencies or Estate Agents (or their relatives).
  • Tourism / Travel Bureaus.
  • Body Corporates, Developers or Management who let out flats on behalf of owners.
  • All enquiries or bookings are required to be entertained by the OWNER / ESTABLISHMENT and may not be forwarded on to any persons / organisations listed above.
  • Property owners who own more than one unit and let them out as a short or long term basis are required to advertise all properties.

Hotels and Holiday Resorts with in-house reservations facilities are welcome to register (non-commission earning facilities).

Special Conditions:
Any persons owning more than one property is required to list ALL properties. Owners may not register ONE property and use the enquiries to market the remaining un-registered properties. Ownership of an entire multi-unit complex or apartment block should contact Where to Stay for subscription fee assessment.

Resorts and Hotel Groups are the only MULTI-UNIT properties which form an exception to this rule.

Contravention of these rules will cause the relevant property / properties to be deleted from this website without refund.

Where to Stay reserves the right to refuse unsuitable applications. We also reserve the right to cancel any existing subscriptions related to public complaints or advertisements that do not comply with our policies or strategies.

All design elements and website construction/composition are influenced by our marketing strategies, and we are not obliged to alter these elements for any reason. The banner and any promotional advertisements relating to the website will form a part of every single page on Where to Stay, unless decided otherwise by our Marketing Strategists.

Properties should be available for occupation throughout the year (no timeshare/seasonal availability).

Properties that are up for sale will be required to display (on the advertisement, in the rates and in the sub-heading) the following "This property is on the market and will only accept bookings 3 months in advance".

Persons who do not own the properties may not sublet the unit as holiday accommodation.

C) E-mail correspondence:

Please note that by becoming a member of WhereToStay you agree to accept certain correspondence / notices via e-mail.