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Mountain Zebra National Park Rest Camp
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Mountain Zebra National Park Rest Camp - RATES

        Mountain Zebra Rest Camp

Daily Conservation Fee for 1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017
South African citizens and Residents (with ID):R44 per adult, per dayR22 per child, per day
SADC Nationals (with passport):R88 per adult, per dayR44 per child, per day
Standard Conservation Fee (Foreign Visitors):R176 per adult, per dayR88 per child, per day
Wild Card: Year Permits available for all our guests
Unit typeNo. unitsStartEndRateBaseMax. bedsAdd. AdultAdd. Child
Mountain Zebra Rest Camp
Camp Site (CK6P)252016-12-072017-01-16R3051-26R82R41
Camp Site (CK6P)252017-01-172017-10-31R2751-26R82R41
Camp Site (CK6P)252017-11-012017-12-05R2951-26R88R44
Camp Site (CK6P)252017-12-062018-01-15R3301-26R88R44
Camp Site (CK6P)252018-01-162018-10-31R2951-26R88R44
Family Cottage (FA4Z)22016-12-072017-01-16R11501-24R240R120
Family Cottage (FA4Z)22017-01-172017-10-31R10751-24R240R120
Family Cottage (FA4Z)22017-11-012017-12-05R11501-24R260R130
Family Cottage (FA4Z)22017-12-062018-01-15R12351-24R260R130
Family Cottage (FA4Z)22018-01-162018-10-31R11501-24R260R130
Guest House (GH6)12016-12-072017-01-16R33001-46R480R240
Guest House (GH6)12017-01-172017-10-31R31001-46R480R240
Guest House (GH6)12017-11-012017-12-05R34001-46R580R290
Guest House (GH6)12017-12-062018-01-15R37501-46R580R290
Guest House (GH6)12018-01-162018-10-31R34001-46R580R290
4x2 Mountain Cottage (MC)22016-12-072017-01-16R9301-210R190R95
4x2 Mountain Cottage (MC)22017-01-172017-10-31R8851-210R190R95
4x2 Mountain Cottage (MC)22017-11-012017-12-05R9501-210R190R95
4x2 Mountain Cottage (MC)22017-12-062018-01-15R10001-210R190R95
4x2 Mountain Cottage (MC)22018-01-162018-10-31R9501-210R190R95


Rates are subject to change without notice.





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Mountain Zebra National Park Rest Camp Rates
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