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Lerato Bush Lodge

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Longer Stays Longer stays

We have special prices for people who want to stay longer than a month.

- SAVE 25% - Group discount or for couples and people staying for longer

We have a special prices for groups or couples. Also for people who stay for a longer time we have special prices.


See normal rates information below.
RATES 2019 per person
Week night rate per person Weekend night per person
R500.00 R600.00

Minimum stay

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Terms Of Payment
We have a deposit of 50% to confirm booking
Cancellation Policy
If cancellation is 4 weeks before arrival we will refund 90% of the deposit.
Arrival & Departure Times
Arrival best before 20:00
Departure before 11:00
We have special offers for students and for people who stay longer than a month.