Please note Little Gorges is seasonal and is closed from 16 January 2019 - 28 February 2019

Gorges and Little Gorges is a mere 30 minute drive from Victoria Falls town, and offers a unique Victoria Falls experience from a peaceful and idyllic base on the edge of the Batoka Gorge - a perfect choice for your Victoria Falls safari adventure!

At Gorges you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of Victoria Falls town - our peaceful guest accommodation is nestled in a landscaped garden that makes walking to your room a joy, and our staff are renowned for their warm hospitality.

Gorges is famous for its spectacular views, described by some as the best in southern Africa; whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee at sunrise on your private veranda or a cool refreshment by the pool at sunset, you will be constantly drawn to the stunning vistas provided by the Batoka Gorge and the rushing waters of the Zambezi River below.

Little Gorges is perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge next to main Gorges. This tented extension of Gorges overlooks the dramatic junction of the Dibu Dibu River and the Zambezi, where black eagles and lanner falcons nest in the sheer cliff faces. Construction of the luxury tents in this rugged, rocky and broken terrain necessitated careful planning and feats of engineering and is a wonderful alternative to the main Gorges chalets while still providing all the same comforts.

Gorges and Little Gorges Lodge

  • Built on communal land, concession fees and royalties are paid to the local council which helps to improve schools, domestic water supplies and clinics.
  • 22 km road transfer from Victoria Falls and a 19 km road transfer from Victoria Falls Airport.
  • Guests receive 1 free return town transfer per paying night.
  • The all inclusive option offers 2 activities per paying night: choose from a guided tour of the Victoria Falls, curio shopping at the craft village, a visit to the local village, a school tour (not available in school holidays), traditional dancing display, gorge walk with snacks, black eagle viewing with sundowners and snacks (weather permitting) and a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi.
  • All other Victoria Falls based activities can be organised on request.
  • In-house spa treatments available at an additional charge - prices and treatment options available on request.

Quick facts about Gorges Lodge

  • The main lodge is built on a raised deck of indigenous hardwood and has a lounge, dining room and bar that all offer extraordinary views over the gorge into Zambia.
  • Free WiFi in the main lodge area - the connection is sometimes slow so please be patient!
  • Accommodation: 10 stone under thatch chalets.
  • 4 of the chalets are double storey and the other 6 are single storey, all with private verandas that provide stunning views.
  • The chalets are set in a landscaped garden and have en-suite bathrooms with showers, mini bars, overhead fans and tea and coffee making facilities.

 Quick facts about Little Gorges

  • The main lodge is stone under thatch with dining room, seating area and bar, all with views over the spectacular Dibu Dibu Gorge.
  • Accommodation: 5 luxury tents on wooden decks.
  • Bathrooms are en-suite with a shower cut back into the rocky terrain.

Gorges and Little Gorges room amenities:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Stocked mini bar
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Hair dryer
  • Mosquito net and repellent
  • Electronic safes
  • Mobile LED lamp
  • Daily laundry service

In-house activities available at Gorges Lodge and Little Gorges Lodge

Visit to the local village
As an important component of Imvelo’s program to actually involve local communities in tourism our guests can enjoy a visit to nearby Chisuma Village to gain insights into some of the real life daily activities of a typical Zimbabwean rural community. Part of the tour includes a spontaneous visit to an individual household where our guests are welcomed and invited to join some of the traditional daily activities such as crushing grain into meal, ploughing the fields and brewing beer.

School tour
Imvelo has made huge inputs into the schools surrounding our lodges, and providing you visit on a week day, you can also visit our local primary school. Our teachers love their pupils to interact with our guests as a way to practice their language skills and broaden horizons. Part of the visit includes a welcome song and dance performance by the children as well as a class interaction, usually around an atlas or their school books. Not available during school holidays.

Traditional Dancing
Our talented team of dancers come from villages within walking distance of Gorges Lodge and love to entertain our guests in the evenings. Sebenze and his troupe perform just after sundown and their energetic dance and drum routine is vibrant and interactive - so don’t be surprised if you get pulled in to join the fun!

Verreaux’s Eagle viewing with sundowners and snacks
A pair of Verreaux's Eagles nest in the gorge at the lodge and provide our guests with amazing displays of their aerobatic skills and courtship rituals, often at eye level. Evenings are their hunting time so sit back with sundowners and snacks as these magnificent birds soar past on thermals whilst hunting in the gorge. The eagles are not the only birds resident here - lanner falcons, peregrine falcons and augur buzzards also call the gorge home and the interspecific interactions are a highlight when the eagles stray too close to the falcons’ nests.

Gorge walk with snacks
The lodge is set in a magnificent and lush indigenous garden with stunning views across the gorge and of the pounding Zambezi River 200 metres below. Explore the area around the lodge accompanied by a guide and when you’re done enjoy refreshments and freshly prepared snacks while you watch the sun set at Peregrine Point.

Birding at Gorges and Little Gorges

Perched on the edge of the spectacular Batoka Gorge, Gorges and Little Gorges provides an exciting platform from which to watch and enjoy a fantastic array of birdlife.

The gorge here is nearly 270 metres deep in some places and over a kilometre wide. The colossal cliffs that provide hundreds of potential nesting sites for raptors create winds and up-draughts that offer an environment perfect for avian predators.

These powerful airflows whip into the air the thousands of insects that support flocks of swifts and martins, who in turn are preyed upon by falcons - peregrine, lanner and taita.

Our indigenous well-watered garden is just over a kilometre long and a haven for small wildlife. A resident pair of Verreaux's Eagles nest opposite the lodge and hunt in the garden several times a day. Instead of the traditional view of the eagles soaring above your head, here you witness these huge regal birds hunting almost within arm’s reach and at eye level.

Then the walls of the gorge provide an environment for another suite of raptors - Augur Buzzards also nest within sight of the lodge and in the evenings we see Bat Hawks take over hunting for nocturnal insectivores.

But birding at Gorges is not just about the rock stars - the birds of prey - it is also about waking up to the prehistoric wailing of trumpeter hornbill and the exquisite emerald cuckoo, and then looking out through the steam of your coffee and seeing the delicate sunbirds enjoying our aloes.

If you weren’t a bird watcher when you arrived…you will definitely leave as one!

Activities available in Victoria Falls town

The activities below are just some of the activities that are available in Victoria Falls town itself.

Tour of the rain forest
The world’s largest curtain of falling water, the Falls, is quite simply breathtaking: stroll along the rainforest’s edge and pause at each vantage point to make it a truly unforgettable experience - just don’t forget your rain jacket and umbrella. This can be enjoyed quietly on your own or, at request, with our guide.

Nature Sanctuary and Crocodile Farm
This is a relaxed and easy activity within the landscaped gardens at the Crocodile Farm. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn all about these fascinating modern day dinosaurs where you can even handle some hatchlings. A percentage of young crocs raised in Zimbabwe’s croc farms are regularly returned to the Zambezi to boost wild populations.

White water rafting
This is one for the adventure seeker and not the faint hearted! A rafting trip down the Zambezi River will take you through some leisurely class one rapids, along with some rampaging class 5’s. You need to be able to paddle furiously, hold on tight and enjoy the water as it’s not uncommon for the boat to flip and fling you into the Zambezi. But don’t worry - the operators use some of the best life jackets on earth and safety records are excellent. You can choose between a half or full day package, and can either take charge of your own fate and row yourself, or choose to cling on and enjoy the ride as a passenger. Remember to conserve some energy for the 100+ meter gorge climb at the other end, it’s pretty exhausting. This activity is advised for only the relatively fit.

High wire activities
Jump off (with dual safety harnesses) the 110-meter high bridge that links Zimbabwe with Zambia on a Bungee Jump. This activity is restricted to those in good health, over 14 years and who weigh less than 140 kilograms. The Gorge Swing is a similarly, if not more, thrilling experience. Plummet into a 70 meter free fall before being cradled by a hundred meter pendulum swing. The other two High Wire activities are sedate in comparison. Accelerate through the gorge at speeds of close to 100km/h on the Zip Wire or take a ‘leisurely meander’ across the gorge, on The Flying Fox: a wire stretched 125m above the valley floor.

Flight of Angels - Fixed Wing
View Victoria Falls as the birds do! A small aircraft will give you the ultimate view of one of Seven Wonders of the World. Choose between a 25-minute flight, or a longer 40-minute ride that involves some game viewing in the National Park and along the Zambezi River. Due to its popularity, this activity should be booked well in advance.

Flight of Angels - Helicopter
There is a choice between a 13-minute ride over the Falls, or a longer 30-minute one that includes a bit of game viewing over Zambezi National Park.

How to find Gorges and Little Gorges
Latitude: -17.997083° Longitude: 25.943040°

Gorges and Little Gorges is 10km downstream from the Victoria Falls and a 22 km road transfer from Victoria Falls town or a 19 km road transfer from Victoria Falls Airport

There are regular flights to Victoria Falls Airport from South Africa (both Johannesburg and Cape Town), Namibia, Botswana and elsewhere in Zimbabwe – check with your travel agent for more information

If you are self driving: On the main tar road from Vic Falls to Bulawayo, 12 kms out of Victoria Falls town, is a turn to the east – marked Deka and Gorges Lodge – turn down this all weather gravel road and drive for 11.2 kilometres. There is a sign marking the turn northwards to Gorges Lodge which is a further 2.4 km down the dirt road.

If you are travelling around Zimbabwe, but don’t have your own transport, there are several bus companies operating luxury private coaches around the country, contact your travel agent for more information.