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Glenview Rates

2022 Rates *
Season: From: To:  Rate per Night 
Peak Season 1-Jan-22 11-Jan-22 R2,950
In Season 12-Jan-22 30-Apr-22 R1,840
Out of season 1-May-22 31-Aug-22 R1,600
In Season 1-Sep-22 30-Nov-22 R1,840
Peak Season 1-Dec-22 10-Jan-23 R3,050
Maximum of 8 people - no exceptions  
* Rates may vary on quotation    
2021 Rates *
Season: From: To:  Rate per Night 
Peak Season 1-Jan-21 24-Jan-21 R2,950
In Season 25-Jan-21 1-Apr-21 R1,770
Peak Season 2-Apr-21 5-Apr-21 R2,950
In Season 6-Apr-21 30-Apr-21 R1,770
Out of Season 1-May-21 8-Jul-21 R1,540
In Season 9-Jul-21 25-Jul-21 R1,770
Out of Season 26-Jul-21 31-Aug-21 R1,540
In Season 1-Sep-21 30-Sep-21 R1,770
High Season 1-Oct-21 11-Oct-21 R2,390
In Season 12-Oct-21 7-Dec-21 R1,770
Peak Season 8-Dec-21 9-Jan-22 R2,950

Rates are subject to change without notice.

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Glenview Rates