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Dimalachite River Lodge
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Dimalachite River Lodge

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Dimalachite River Lodge Rates

10 January 2020 - 9 January 2021
SELF CATERING ACCOMMODATION: Check In Time: 14:00  Check Out Time: 11:00
  Nr units Bed-rooms Nr beds Plus build in couch/bed Plus Stagged bed Tv Open view decoder Bath-room Cost per unit per day:
                Mid week special In season  Peak Season
River Lodge: Lodge 4 & 5: 2 1 2 2   Yes 1 R1340.00 R1730.00 R1775.00
River Lodge: Lodge 1, 2 & 3: 3 2 4 2   Yes 1 R1565.00 R2060.00 R2135.00
Zebra 7 1 3 4   2 No 2 R1565.00 R2060.00 R2135.00
Chalet: Zebra 1, 2, 3 & 4 4 2 4   1 No 1 R1035.00  R1555.00 R1610.00
Chalet - oop plan: Zebra 5 & 6 2 open plan 2   1 No 1 R685.00 R995.00 R1045.00
Rondawel 1 & 2 2 1 2 1 No No 1 R670.00  R970.00 R1015.00
All accommodation units are self catering, fully equip, with outside braai area and towels is supplied.
"VINKNESTE" Two-bed bedrooms rooms for schools and youth groups
Only 2 beds with bedding per room; Camping ablution block; no self catering R350.00 R400.00
DAY VISITORS - Cost plus returnable control deposit (08:00 - 18:00):
People older than 12 yr. R100.00
Children between 4 and 12 yr. R60.00
EXTRA OVERNIGHT VISITORS (Arrival 14:00  Departure 13:00):
People older than 12 yr. R130.00
Children between 4 and 12 yr. R65.00
EARLY CHECK IN (Before 14:00) - Can only be arranged on day of arrival if the site is available:
People older than 12 yr. R120.00
Children between 4 and 12 yr. R65.00
CAMPING SITES: Check in time: 14:00  Check out time: 11:00 - Max 6 people per site
The more people you book per site the cheaper the cost pp
Kiewiet 1A-20
Visarend 1-6 Hoek 1,2
Kiewiet 37-44
Kiewiet 21-35
Kiewiet 47-50
+12 yr
4 - 12 yr
3 0 2 R340.00 R440.00 R530.00 R405.00 R475.00 R365.00 R430.00
3 0 3 R405.00 R550.00 R615.00 R495.00 R575.00 R445.00 R520.00
4 0 4 R480.00 R645.00 R715.00 R570.00 R675.00 R520.00 R610.00
5 0 5 R550.00 R735.00 R815.00 R650.00 R765.00 R590.00 R690.00
6 0 6 R615.00 R830.00 R900.00 R730.00 R845.00 R655.00 R760.00
2 1 3 R400.00 R515.00 R595.00 R485.00 R560.00 R435.00 R505.00
3 1 4 R460.00 R605.00 R685.00 R560.00 R650.00 R505.00 R590.00
4 1 5 R525.00 R700.00 R775.00 R650.00 R745.00 R590.00 R675.00
5 1 6 R600.00 R795.00 R865.00 R710.00 R825.00 R635.00 R740.00
2 2 4 R430.00 R580.00 R655.00 R540.00 R630.00 R490.00 R565.00
3 2 5 R510.00 R675.00 R750.00 R610.00 R710.00 R545.00 R635.00
4 2 6 R580.00 R765.00 R840.00 R695.00 R790.00 R625.00 R715.00
2 3 5 R490.00 R656.00 R710.00 R600.00 R675.00 R540.00 R610.00
3 3 6 R550.00 R735.00 R805.00 R680.00 R770.00 R615.00 R695.00
2 4 6 R525.00 R705.00 R775.00 R665.00 R740.00 R600.00 R665.00
ACTIVITIES - Cost per person:
Whitewater Rafting: Cost pp
Mild to wild R250.00
Gate to Dome  R150.00
Lunch after rafting R95.00
Sunset Cruise on Rafts
Sunset-cruise on inflatable rafts - with braai R295.00
Sunset-cruise on inflatable rafts - no braai R150.00
Guided fishing trips on rafts to rapids (Min 3 pax)
Morning Session ±06:00 - 09:00 R265.00
Afternoon Session ±15:00 - 18:00 R265.00
Two man Raft rental Full Day Half Day
  08:30 - 17:00 14:00-17:00
Plus R300.00 returnable damage deposit (T&C apply) R350.00 R200.00
Paintball target shooting 50 balls R60.00
Put - Put R30.00
Game Drives R75.00
Aroma Jacuzzi - 4 pax - 30 min R120.00
STRICTLY: No music, noise, quad bikes, fire-arms, fireworks and pets are allowed
Book in times:Between 14:00 – 19:00
Check out times: Chalets & Lodges - before 11:00 / Campsites – before 13:00
Admin feeThere is a extra admin fee payable on all group bookings.
In season dates:Weekends between 01 September – 31 August and June July school holiday
Peak season dates:Long weekends and school holidays except June / July holiday
Midweek dates:Midweek days except long weekends and school holidays
Minimum booking:Normal weekend - Two days. Long weekends – whole long weekend
Although a site is allocated to you, management retain the right to shift clients to a similar site if needed

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Terms Of Payment
50% deposit within 24 hr after booking is done.
Outstanding amount in cash on arrival.
Once off R100.00 non refundable admin fee payabale per unit.
Group bookings will pay a returnable key / breakage deposit.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of confirmed bookings may only take place according to the procedure outlined in the clause.
All requests for cancellations shall be made by the client in writing via e-mail or fax to Dimalachite River Lodge and shall only be affective on the date of actual receipt by our booking office.

The following cancellation fees shall be applicable:
60 days or more notice 95 percent of the payments made shall be refunded.
50 - 59 days notice is given 75 percent of the payments made shall be refunded.
40 - 49 days notice is given 50 percent of the payments made shall be refunded.
30 - 39 days notice given 25 percent of the payments made shall be refunded.

No refunds shall however be made to clients who made bookings less than 30 days before arrival, nor shall refunds be given to clients who arrive or depart early, late or who do not show for a booking.

In event of a client during the course of a booking terminating it for whatever reason, no refund shall be made unless with the prior written approval of the owner of Dimalachite River Lodge.

Any cancellations made, in terms of these standard trading conditions shall be subject to an administrative charge, and this amount shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded: R150.00 per booking cancelled.
Arrival & Departure Times
Arrival: between 14:00 and 19:00
Chalets and lodges: Departure: Before 11:00 out of accommodation units on day of departure but may stay till 18:00 on the resort..
Camping sites: Departure: Before 13:00 on day of departure.
Special arrangements can be made to stay later on the camping sites.
No music allowed.
Always consider your camping neighbors when enjoying your stay, so that you both can have great memories when leaving.
No pets, fire arms, motorbikes & quad-bikes.
No fire on the ground, in dustbins or on the grass.
Do not take wood from the field or break any tree.
Always keep your entry permit in your car. You have to show it to the gate security when leaving and entering the camp.
Day visit times: 08:00 to 18:00. There is a returnable deposit payable for controlling purposes.
Speed limit is 25km/hr. Drive safely in camp as toddlers and game may show up at any place.
Use only net type ground sheets.
Our motto is catch and release. Take a great photo to show your friends. This will give your grand children a chance to also enjoy this great sport.
Swimming in the river is very dangerous, illegal and we do not allow it.
Right of admission reserved. Any person that misbehave, or break any rule, will be order to leave the premises without compensation. The owner will not loose any of his rights because of such action.
By accepting this booking you accept Dimalachite's terms and conditions as on our website www.dimalachite.co.za.
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Dimalachite River Lodge Rates