20 More Getaways in South Africa for Under R350

Last year, we compiled a list of ” WhereToStay’s Top 20 Stays in South Africa for Under R350“, which was shared over 3000 times. So, we decided that we need to make another list, showing off some of the hidden gems that don’t require you to mortgage your house in order to be able to get away from it all.


African Olive Country Estate

Free State

african olive country estate

African Olive Country Estate is a privately owned establishment which forms part of the gateway to the Domeland – the Vredefort Dome World Heritage site – a natural wonder of ± 300 km in diameter, the result of 2km asteroid ( about the size of Table Mountain), that collided with earth some 2020 million years ago. The estate boasts 5 Ha of natural Domeland. They may not be positioned next to the mighty Vaal River however they do have the century old Vaal River Canal passing through the estate, offering you a peaceful tranquil country atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty of nature together with the farm animals such as cattle, chickens and guinea fowl.

From R320 per person per night

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10 Beach Houses In Southern Africa That We Are Totally Obsessed With!

With summer fast approaching, the tourists are headed for the shores to embrace the divine weather and to soak up some rays.

Summer is great – it’s like Christmas morning, falling in love, winning the world cup and the Olympics all in one glorious 3 month period. Summer embodies everything that life is really about, love, happiness and general good times. This being said, great care must be taken not to waste a single solitary second of it because when it ends, you will realize just how magical it is.

So just to give you a taste of what is on offer, we picked out 10 of our favourite beach houses in Southern Africa. It’s OK, you’re allowed to drool.


Paternoster Dunes Guest House

Paternoster, Western Cape

paternosterdunes03 paternosterdunes06

The three luxury ground floor sea facing rooms allow you to walk straight out to the beach from your private patio while the fourth sea facing room on the first floor has great views and direct access to the beach via its own staircase. The beautifully decorated courtyard room has a patio from which you can view the sea as well as direct access to the beach.



Britannia Bay, Western Cape

fluistering02 fluistering08

Go and spoil yourself in this brand new, modern state of the art and very spacious 4-bedroom home. It is elevated on the water’s edge barely an arm’s length from the calm sheltered Bay of Whispers, or Fluisterbaai, because of the little waves softly rolling out onto the 3 km long Golden Mile beach. Continue reading

Places In South Africa With Bizarre Names

South Africans are known to have an incredible sense of humour… the names of these places prove just that!


Klein Mier Nommer Een, Northern Cape 


Located in the far reaches of the Northern Cape, the closest city to this little spot on the map is the capital of Namibia, Windhoek (550km away). If you translate this name to English, you get “Little Ant Number One”. We’re not sure who named this place or if anyone even lives there – perhaps it’s a town for ants?


Pofadder, Northern Cape


This is a teeny little town in Northern Cape is named after one of SA’s most dangerous snakes, the Puff Adder. Pofadder is the epitome of “the middle of nowhere” and is South Africa’s very own Timbuktu or Kalamazoo. Was the naming of this town a ploy to get people to stay away or just simply to terrify them?


Tietiesbaai, Western Cape


Literally translated from Afrikaans to English, Tietiesbaai would probably pass as Boobies Bay. It is said that the name was inspired by the perfectly round boulders seen all around the bay. Scandalous. This rudely named little town is located on the West Coast, close to a popular tourist town, Paternoster. If you’re planning on going to Tietiesbaai to do some sightseeing, don’t get too excited – the town mainly consists of a campsite, caravan park and a pristine beach (with aforementioned round boulders).

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