10 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Cape Town

1. Nothing to do

Cape Town is probably one of the most vibey cities on the planet! There certainly isn’t a lack of activities here – in fact, your schedule will be jam-packed if you visit.

We have found a list of great activities to keep you busy:

The Springbok Experience

The Springbok Experience is a world-class, modern interactive museum telling South Africa’s story through the eyes of its most powerful sport. It offers a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family and is a ‘must-do’ attraction at the heart of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The museum features more than 60 audio visual displays where visitors can watch the history of South African rugby unfold, set among cases displaying historic objects such as famous trophies, jerseys, boots and other memorabilia. It makes a perfect venue for exclusive corporate events as well.

Springbok Experience

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G-Force Paintball – Ground Zero

The venue of many a friendly score-settling throw-down, Ground Zero is the ideal spot for a day of high-adrenaline shenanigans and the chance to artistically alter the appearance of some of your friends or colleagues.


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UpSouth – Cape Peninsula

What better way to experience the most spectacular coast lines of the Cape than on a BMW Motorcycle. UpSouth Adventures will take you on a journey down the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula, which includes the oldest wine estate in South Africa, the penguins at Boulders beach, the famous Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope.


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Groundbreaking Fossil Discovery in Cradle of Humankind!


A groundbreaking discovery was made at the Cradle of Humankind – the type of discovery that changes everything!


The most important fossil discovery made to date at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site in Maropeng was revealed today – details of this significant fossil discovery have been kept secret for years . The University of Witswatersrand unveiled the largest assemblage of hominin fossils on the African continent.


Skull of Homo naledi

Skull of Homo naledi


According to the team of international and local scientists who have been working on the project, this discovery is going to force the world to re-think what it means to be human. Prof Paul Dirks speaks of the geology of the chamber where the fossils were found. There has been no sign of fighting with the bones. No evidence of bite marks by carnivores on the bones, says Dirks.

The expedition began in November 2013. The new discovery follows intensive research by the scientists, who worked under the auspices of the Department of Science and Technology as well as the National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence at Wits. The cavers, all of them women of slight build, needed to fit through an 18cm wide hole and climb down a 12m vertical passage to get to the fossils.  Berger calls people in his team “underground astronauts”.



The full collection that was found


Teeth of Homo naledi

Teeth of Homo naledi


About a third of the hominid fossils ever found in the world were recovered in Gauteng. It’s been over 90 years of research to gather what’s in this vault, but it’s still unknown if any of these species lead directly to humans.

The world heritage site, which includes the famous Sterkfontein caves, has boasted several discoveries that illuminate the evolution of humans. Three of the most significant discoveries made at the Cradle of Humankind include Mrs Ples, the most complete skull of an Australopithecus africanus, Little Foot, four foot bones belonging to an Australopithecus, and  the Taung Child, the skull of an Australopithecus africanus.

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Cape Town Just Became Cooler! Plans to Get a 300m Long Water Slide in Summer!

Just when we thought it was impossible for Cape Town to get any trendier, the Mother City has upped her game by planning on bringing a 300m water slide to the streets!

When will you be able to join in on the jol? Well, plans are being implemented for this summer (December 2015 – February 2016).

Slide The City is one of the longest commercial water slides in the world! The slide will run cross three lanes and it will take less than a minute to reach the 26m big pool at the end. But what about the rough gravel, you ask? They have 840 mattresses which they use to ensure a smooth ride, so you won’t have to worry about nasty bumps and bruises as an accessory to your summer body. But where will this be happening? We are going to have to wait for 1 September for that to be announced, unfortunately. Tickets are not on sale yet, but you can go on to the waiting list here.

“This is the first time that a slide of this size has been brought to Africa and we’re very excited to be the official and exclusive franchise holder of these events,” says Minette Ferreira, GM of Weekly Magazines at Media24. “What better way to have fun this summer than sliding through our most wonderful cities! Slide The City has seen massive growth since it started in 2014 and we have no doubt it will do the same here in Africa.”

Check out the videos and make sure you get to Cape Town this summer, otherwise the doctor will have to prescribe some heavy medication for some serious FOMO.


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Jeremy Clarkson Spotted Driving a Taxi in Jozi

Clarkson, May and Hammond are in South Africa!

Jeremy Clarkson was spotted taking a taxi out for a spin in Johannesburg this week.

The trio has been preparing for their highly anticipated show, “Clarkson, Hammond & May Live”.  The show will take place over the long weekend (12th – 14th June 2015) at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg.

The current tour was originally branded Top Gear Live, but was forced to change its name after the incident involving Jeremy Clarkson and producer Oisin Tymon which led to the BBC failing to renew Clarkson’s contract. But, fear not… this show promises to be just as epic as any of the Top Gear Live shows! There will be a celebration of some of the world’s most stunning supercars, wacky stunts, and show-goers will see some highlights from ten years of global touring shows.

To book accommodation close to the show, click here: Accommodation near TicketPro Dome.


Jeremy Clarson concentrating whilst driving a taxi in Jozi. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Jeremy Clarkson seems to be baffled by the simple gears in the taxi. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Could this be the new Stig? A mysterious man is seen leaving the taxi dressed as a crash test dummy. Who could he be? Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Clarkson happy to be on South African soil. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


The trio prepare for their show, Clarkson, Hammond & May Live. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Clarkson learning from previous mistakes, so this time sticking to non-offensive hand signals. Image: Splash News ©


A man (left) who has prepared himself for the worst by wearing a hard hat. Image: Splash News ©


Clarkson driving a South African taxi, with Hammond as his passenger. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Clarkson, Hammond & May Live will take place on 12th – 14th June 2015 at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg. Image: WENN.com ©


The former Top Gear team going for a joyride. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Richard Hammond learning how to use taxi signals. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Jeremy Clarkson signalling before getting to drive the taxi. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Clarkson looking a tad nervous about his taxi experience. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


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