The most talked about, widely anticipated horse racing event in South Africa, where on 4 July 2015, 56, 000 people are expected to flock to Greyville, Durban, to see and be seen, making this high fashion, fabulous food, society event the highlight of the Durban calender.
The Durban July sets the scene for a fashion extravaganza of note, attracting a multitude of elegant, chic and oddly, interesting outfits, each year bringing with it something completely new and different. This year, the 119th edition of the iconic race’s theme is ‘The Captains Table’, a nautical theme inviting guests to dress formally, as expected for dinner at the Captains Table on a cruise liner. Competitions have  aspiring, emerging and established designers and fashionistas competing for the title of Most Striking Couple, Classic Racewear both Male and Female, and Exceptional Raceday Hat or Fascinator, the winners taking home fabulous prizes, the likes of a Mediterranean voyage and cash.
The ‘happening’ place to be is in the renowned ‘Marquee Village’ alongside the track, which sets the scene for much eating, drinking and merriment. A competition for the best tent is also an annual highlight, with large corporate companies inviting the ‘who’s who’ to attract attention to their tents.
The main event is Race 7 – The Vodacom Durban July, run over 2200m with a wining purse of R3 500 000, and when the sun goes down the legendary ’13th Race’ happens, where the guys strip down for a 100m naked dash to the finish line!

For up-market accommodation overlooking Greyville Racecourse, stay on the Berea, Durban – a much sought after residential suburb teeming with Star Graded establishments, and close to the very popular Florida Road area, famous for it’s pubs, clubs and restaurants.
Visit http://www.wheretostay.co.za/town/berea-durban/accommodation


Image via durban-july.com


Image via Vodacom Durban July


Image via sabc.co.za

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Golf Safaris Under The Bright African Sun

For those with a passion for golf, South Africa is the ultimate golfing destination. Golfers are spoilt for choice with gorgeous coastal courses perched above the ocean, and inland courses with higher altitudes where the ball flies that much further.
Home to world-class courses, South Africa has also proudly produced world-class golfers including Gary Player, Bobby Locke, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen and Trevor Immelman, testament to South Africa’s quest for the highest standards when it comes to the game of golf. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or someone yet to take their first swing, South Africa’s courses wait you …
We’ve highlighted just a few wonderful golf courses where you too can experience the closest game to the game we call ‘life’.

Pinnacle Point Golf Course – Mossel Bay, Garden Route, Western Cape


Photo via Pinacle Point Beach And Golf Estate

Pinnacle Point Golf Course is something truly unique for the discerning golfer, and described as “… the best golf course on the planet” by Darren Clarke, 2011 Open Champion. This cliff top fynbos golf course inspires the golfer to play the challenging layout with a level of respect, due to its dramatic views and breathtaking terrain. The 72 par layout is characterized by 7 majestic holes that line the Indian Ocean rock cliffs, four of which are played over ocean and cliff. All 18 holes have been designed to fit the contours of the land. Pinnacle Point has received the ultimate accolade, and is recognized for its outstanding service standards, having been awarded the Compleat Golfer 5-star Experience Award.
This is a bucket list course for any avid golfer who finds himself within an hour of Pinnacle Point.

Find Mossel Bay Accommodation
Info via Pinacle Point Beach And Golf Estate

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Jeremy Clarkson Spotted Driving a Taxi in Jozi

Clarkson, May and Hammond are in South Africa!

Jeremy Clarkson was spotted taking a taxi out for a spin in Johannesburg this week.

The trio has been preparing for their highly anticipated show, “Clarkson, Hammond & May Live”.  The show will take place over the long weekend (12th – 14th June 2015) at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg.

The current tour was originally branded Top Gear Live, but was forced to change its name after the incident involving Jeremy Clarkson and producer Oisin Tymon which led to the BBC failing to renew Clarkson’s contract. But, fear not… this show promises to be just as epic as any of the Top Gear Live shows! There will be a celebration of some of the world’s most stunning supercars, wacky stunts, and show-goers will see some highlights from ten years of global touring shows.

To book accommodation close to the show, click here: Accommodation near TicketPro Dome.


Jeremy Clarson concentrating whilst driving a taxi in Jozi. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Jeremy Clarkson seems to be baffled by the simple gears in the taxi. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Could this be the new Stig? A mysterious man is seen leaving the taxi dressed as a crash test dummy. Who could he be? Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Clarkson happy to be on South African soil. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


The trio prepare for their show, Clarkson, Hammond & May Live. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Clarkson learning from previous mistakes, so this time sticking to non-offensive hand signals. Image: Splash News ©


A man (left) who has prepared himself for the worst by wearing a hard hat. Image: Splash News ©


Clarkson driving a South African taxi, with Hammond as his passenger. Image: AFP / Getty Images ©


Clarkson, Hammond & May Live will take place on 12th – 14th June 2015 at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg. Image: WENN.com ©


The former Top Gear team going for a joyride. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Richard Hammond learning how to use taxi signals. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Jeremy Clarkson signalling before getting to drive the taxi. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


Clarkson looking a tad nervous about his taxi experience. Image: Greatstock / Splash ©


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Getaways for Disney Fans

99.9999 % of the human population are Disney fans – some more so than others. So, we thought we’d be ever so kind and find some getaways that would make every Disney princess smile.

Forest Creek Lodge & Spa


“What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice”

If we were Pocahontas, we would definitely choose to spend our time at Forest Creek Lodge & Spa! The lodge is nestled in a gorge, which is softened by a blanket of shrubs. Just 2km away, you will find a waterfall and an idyllic stream. Sigh!





Desert Dew Guest House


“Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings.

Soaring, tumbling, free-wheeling through an endless diamond sky”

Although Jasmine lives in a palace, we know for a fact that she would have no problem living at Desert Dew Guest House with her other half, Aladdin. Situated in one of the hottest places in South Africa, we know that Aladdin will be happy to spend his time in the desert-like environment.





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Weird And Wonderful South African Mysteries

We all love a mystery, folklore, myths and tales passed down from generation to generation. Stories of ghosts, monsters and unexplained things that stir our imagination. South Africa is rich with fascinating enigmas, like the Eastern Cape Steytlerville Monster, a ‘shape-shifter’ that both terrifies and intrigues the small town residents, or ‘Trunko’, a giant, white sea creature that appeared in Margate on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast. Then there’s the friendly ghost Charlotte, who’s a long, long time resident of the Nottingham Road Hotel. Of course, no story would be complete without the endearing tale of Huberta the Hippo’s odyssey from KwaZulu Natal to the Eastern Cape, or the sad and tragic end of Saturday Mthiyane, ‘Child of the Wild’ found living with monkeys in KwaZulu Natal.
So, let yourself be thrilled and delighted by more on these South African stranger than fiction legends, we’ve chosen just a few to tantalize you.


Nottingham Road Hotel – KwaZulu Natal

‘Charlotte’ – The Nottingham Road Hotel Ghost, KwaZulu Natal

Stay in room number 10 at the Nottingham Road Hotel and you may run into Charlotte, the resident ghost who likes to move mirrors, tidy beds and re-arrange flowers. Legend has it that during the war Charlotte fell in love with a British army officer who jilted her, and broken-hearted, Charlotte jumped to her death over the balcony outside room number 10. Those who occupy ‘Charlotte’s room’ often find their clothes neatly folded, hear Charlotte talking, or the tinkle of a bell ringing for room service. Still to this day Charlotte hopes for her beloved’s return, and keeps herself busy while she waits.

Check into room number 10 and meet Charlotte in person at the Nottingham Road Hotel


Huberta The Hippo – King William’s Town, Eastern Cape – Info and photo courtesy Road Travel Africa

Huberta The Hippo – King William’s Town, Eastern Cape

“In 1930 the celebrated wandering hippopotamus Huberta, arrived in Port Alfred and resided there for nearly six months, which was when the river became known as Umzimvubu – home of the hippopotamus.  Huberta had started her journey in Zululand in 1928, and progressing via Durban down the coast, she travelled nearly 1600km to King William’s Town.  Huberta enjoyed a two and a half-year period of celebrity status during her time of wanderings, as unlike all other sociable hippos that stay with the herd and never consider a nomadic existence, Huberta decided to strike out on her own.  One day she set off from her home in Zululand and trekked South entirely alone, except for the reporters and sightseers who kept track of her progress. Many regarded her as a mystical reincarnation, but sadly not everyone held Huberta in such high esteem, and four farmers who saw her as nothing but a trespasser, shot and killed her at the Keiskamma River”.
Huberta’s body is now exhibited in the Amathole Museum in King Williams Town, and we still wonder where she was going, and ‘why’.

See Huberta last resting place – stay in King Williams Town accommodation


Steytlerville – Eastern Cape – Photo via Wikimedia

Steytlerville Monster – Eastern Cape

Although the tiny Eastern Cape town of Steytlerville only sports a population of a few thousand, and is predominantly an Eastern Cape farming community with simple people living simple lives, Steytlerville is known the world over for the many strange myths of a shape-shifting ‘monster’, which has plagued the sleepy Karoo town causing serious havoc.  Apparently the monster changes shape while one looks at it – one man reported that it changed from a man wearing a suit into a pig and then into a bat. There have also been rumours that the monster can fly. To date the ‘monster’ has done no harm other than to terrify Steytlerville residents, and bring this quirky Eastern Cape town to the notice of visitors from afar. Mostly, Steytlerville is known as the Eastern Cape town where “the silence is so pure you can hear God think, and the stars so near you feel you have only to reach out to touch them”.

Go find out for yourself – see the Where To Stay Steytlerville accommodation page


Margate South Coast – KwaZulu Natal – Photo via Wikipedia

‘Trunko’ – KwaZulu Natal, South Coast Sea Creature

On October 25, 1924, when Margate on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast was still a small, little known town, people witnessed a battle between two killer whales and a giant, white sea creature which attacked the whales with it’s tail, and jumped 20 feet out the water. The spectacle lasted 3 hours, resulting in the death of the mysterious creature, which later washed up on Margate Beach. Said to be 47 feet long, 10 feet wide and 5 feet high, it was named “Trunko,” by cryptozoologist Karl Shuker. It was later described by the Daily Mail of London as being a “Fish like a Polar Bear”, covered in 8 inch long white hair with no head, but rather a 5 foot long trunk coming straight from his torso, and a 10 foot long, lobster-like tail.
Trunko lay on the beach for 10 days, during which time there was no scientific investigation, and then it was reclaimed by the sea, leaving behind a mystery that still remains today.

Stay at the scene of Trunko’s last battle in Margate accommodation


Tugela River – KwaZulu Natal – Photo courtesy miquitos @ flickr

Saturday Mthiyane – Child of the Wild, KwaZulu Natal

One Saturday in 1987, a bedraggled boy aged about five was discovered living with monkeys near the Tugela River in the wilds of KwaZulu Natal. Showing only animal-like behavior, he could not talk, walked on all fours, liked climbing trees and loved fruit, especially bananas. It was thought that his birth mother had left him in the bush when he was an infant, and he was raised by monkeys until Sundumbili residents saw him. He was taken to the Ethel Mthiyane Orphanage, where he lived until he died in a fire in 2005, almost 10 years after he was found living with a troop of monkeys. Saturday, named for the day he was found, lived a tragic life to the end, perhaps he would have been happier and better off living his life out in the bush.

Visit the place where the ‘Monkey Boy’ roamed the wilds, stay in Tugela River Mouth accommodation