Wildlife through the Lens

If you ask any foreigner what the first thing is that comes to mind when they think of South Africa, they are likely to say wildlife.

As South Africans, we are spoilt for choice with such a huge range of wildlife. We often take this for granted and don’t quite realise how incredibly lucky we actually are! We often have troops of monkeys running through our gardens, picking the fruit off our trees and mongoose running across the roads, trying their hardest to dodge the oncoming traffic. We also get to boast about the Big 5! A short drive to one of the many game reserves situated all over South Africa will ensure you get your fair share of game viewing.

You can spot game with your naked eye, through binoculars, or through the lens of a camera. You can do a self drive, book a game drive with a ranger, go on a guided walk or even treat yourself to a hot air balloon safari. To find where you can try your hand at photographing some wildlife, check out one of the many game reserves we have listed here.

Just so you can drool a little, we have added some spectacular photos from some ridiculously talented photographers. These were taken in South Africa and neighbouring countries, such as Botswana and Namibia. If you’re not a local – prepare to be extremely jealous!

“It was Africa distilled up through six thousand feet like the strong and defined essence of a continent… The views were immensely wide – everything that you saw made for greatness and freedom, an unequaled nobility” – Karen Blixen.

Daryl Dell28

A mother cheetah keeps a watchful eye over her cubs. Taken by: Daryl Dell


A kudu ram staring off into the distance. Taken by: Daryl Dell

Ryan Ramsamy17

Don’t mess with me. Taken by: Ryan Ramsamy

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