15 South African Instagramers to Follow in 2016

Looking for some inspiration for the new year?

Well, we have some right here. 



“I AM CAPE TOWN” Brendon Wainwright is an adventure photographer and time-lapser. His Instagram account is perfection.



Craig Howes describes himself as “The Earth’s photographer”. Earth was not available for comment as this time, but we’re pretty damn sure she is flattered.        


One third of South Africa’s photographic collective I See a Different You from Soweto, and one half of the Mukheli twin set, Fhatuwani’s clean, feel-good images transport IG users to his remote destinations.



Photographic artist Ross Garrett creates images to move people. Similar to his work in magazine Dazed and Confused or shoots for Die Antwoord, Garrett’s IG account is just as striking.      

A photo posted by Ross Garrett (@rossgarrett) on


Janik Alheit is a Cape Town native and his photos are a stunning blend of landscape and astrophotography. He also imports wine!

A photo posted by Janik Alheit (@janikalheit) on


Street photography at its finest. This IG account makes you feel like you’re walking the streets of South Africa along with the photographer.

A photo posted by @streetmogul on


Ross Pickford takes mostly landscape photos, but his love of the ocean really shows on his Instagram account.

A photo posted by Ross Pickford (@roscoedude) on



This Instagram account is a perfect blend of fashion and Johannesburg’s urban life. Kabelo Kungwane, who – according to blog Trends Beyond Threads is a “Johannesburg-based journalism student and stylist” – brilliantly captures Alexandra Township’s bustling streets or quiet spaces alongside his fashionable friends in vintage or designer outfits. Definitely one of my favourite IG accounts.  

A photo posted by Kabelo Kungwane (@thesartists) on


Daniel Grebe is a freelance photographer. He describes himself as an adventurer and surfer. Dude!

A photo posted by Daniel Grebe (@daniel_grebe) on



Imraan describes himself as a filmmaker photographer and story-teller. His photos are outstanding, as he captures people in the most beautiful light. 


For great low light photography, visit Shawn Ogulu’s account – you won’t be disappointed!

A photo posted by Shawn Ogulu (@shawnogulu) on


By the look of his IG, Alex has a great love of the ocean. We’re okay with that… as long as he keeps producing such stunning images!

  A photo posted by Cape Town (@diaryofalex) on


Calvyn’s IG is a bit more personal than the others. He features in a lot of his photos, while capturing the beauty around him.


Nature, nature, and more nature. Mother nature is showing off on Dean’s Instagram!


Tim Batchelder’s Instagram doesn’t focus on one exclusive theme, but each picture is absolutely stunning.

A photo posted by Tim Batchelder (@tim_batch) on

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