Big Tree Guesthouse

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RATES 2019
Luxury Self Catering Unit (maxiumum 2 persons)
Beds: 1 x Queen Sized Bed; Full Kitchenette
From:R 550.00 for a single stay
R800:00 per couple
Luxury Family Rooms
Beds: 1 x Double Bed & 1 x Single Bed
R 550.00 for a single stay
R 800.00 per couple
R 1000.00 for 3 persons
Executive Rooms
Beds: 1 x Queen Sized Bed & 1 x 3/4 Sized Bed
From:R 600.00 for a single stay
R900.00 per couple
R1100.00 for 3 persons
Room prices do not include meals. Meals are charged separately.

Rates are subject to change without notice.