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Amity Guesthouse

Chris Barnard 13
Free State

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RATES 2018 /2019
1 person R550.00 per night
2 people R700.00 per night
3 people R900.00 per night
4 - 5 people (Family Unit) R1150.00 per night

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy
3 months before stay date: 90% of deposit is refundable.
1 month before stay date: 60% of deposit is refundable.
2 weeks before stay date: 30% of deposit is refundable.
1 week before stay date: 0% of deposit is refundable.
Arrival & Departure Times
Check In: From 14:00
Not later than 21:00 (phone for special arrangements)
Check Out: 10:00