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3 Marina Palms

709 Simpson Road
KwaZulu-Natal South Coast
South Africa

2019 Rates:

Out of Season :
R900.00 per night

Long weekends : (Public holiday on Friday or Monday)
R1000.00 per night (minimum of three nights)

In Season : (March school holidays)
R1000.00 per night

R1200.00 . (Easter weekend 18, 19, 20, 21 March - Minimum of 4 nights)

Peak Season : (mid December/ early January)
R1800.00 – R2000.00 per night (Minimum of 7 nights)

A surcharge of R350.00 is charged for single night bookings.

Please note: A refundable damage / breakage deposit of R500.00 is required


Rates are subject to change without notice.

Terms Of Payment
- For reservations made, which are within 30 days of arrival, the full amount is due at the time of booking
- A deposit of 50% is to be paid at the time of the booking and the remaining amount of the booking is due 30 days prior to the check in date.
- December / January bookings 50% deposits is to be paid at the time of the booking and the remaining amount of the booking is due 60 days prior to the check in date.
Cancellation Policy
No refunds on cancellation of bookings.

Alternative booking dates within three months of original booking date but not in school holiday, peak season or over long weekends will be considered.
Arrival & Departure Times
Arrival time : 14:00 (arrivals after 17:00 by special request only and additional costs may apply)
Departure time : 10:00 (departures before 08:00 by special request only and additional costs may apply)
You are urged to do a unit check with our meet and greet service
Cleaning facilities are available only from meet and greet services at own cost.

VISITORS AND TENANTS : Must comply with these rules.

NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS Only six people (includes babies / children)

SECURITY : When you have passed through the gate please wait until it closes before you continue your journey, so no undesired persons can enter.

GARBAGE : To be kept in the enclosures provided for this purpose in each individual apartment, or to be placed in the bins of the bin area. Garbage kept in individual apartment must be transferred to the bin area every week prior to collection by the Municipality, presently Mondays. Garbage must not be left on the verge or in any other common area other than specified herein. The padlock to the bin area at the entrance to the complex (outside main gate) can be opened with the combination 709.

PARKING: All units have their garages. In addition each apartment has been allocated one of the demarcated common property parking bays, and these bays are numbered with the respective apartment number (BAY 3/ 7). Vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, etc, may only be parked on the allocated parking bay whilst owners tenants or visitors are in residence.

No parking allowed on the grass in front of units.

POOL: Noise should be kept to a minimum. Opening of pool gate - the latch is located in the top of the gate post under the closure cap of the post. It needs to be pulled up to release the gate.

Visitors and tenants should not interfere with the pool equipment or chemicals. The Barracuda should be disconnected during pool-use and properly re-connected after use. In emergencies, switch off power on the switchboard in the gazebo).

No glass bottles/ glassware to be taken into the pool area.

The shower is provided to rinse off sand when coming from the beach or prior to entering the pool. Under no circumstances must it be used to clean fish.

LITTERING : Do not deposit, throw or permit or allow litter to be deposited or thrown on the property or any rubbish including dirt, cigarette butts, food scraps or any other litter whatsoever.

NOISE : No loud music may be played and no excessive noise shall be made on the patios and balconies or public areas between 22h00 and 08h00 and occupiers must maintain reasonable silence in their units during these hours.

FIRES: Fires may only be lit in the designated Braai areas in each apartment and the pool area.


FIREWORKS: No fireworks will be allowed in the complex.

LAUNDRY : Tenants shall not hang any washing or laundry or any other item on any part of his section so as to be visible from any other sections. A drying yard with 4 windy driers has been provided plus drying rack for usage in the kitchen yard. There is also a laundromat in Hibberdene.


Play area for children should be on the lower grassed areas.

Please do not enter other apartments patios as some apartments are protected with alarms and by entering these patios the alarm is set off.

LEAKAGES / DAMAGES FROM CARS ETC : Tenants will be made responsible for making good any damage caused to the tar from vehicles.

PETS : No pets permitted and please do not feed the monkeys.

CAMPING IN THE GROUNDS : Whether in tents or caravans is NOT permitted under any circumstances.