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Vanrhynsdorp was first known as "TroeTroe" until it was changed in 1881. Its a small, quiet, victorian style town with the Matsikama and Gifberg mountains towering around it. It is about 3 hours away from Cape Town City Centre.

Vanrhynsdorp is the hub of all the flower routes and when in the area, you must not miss the wild flowers which are in full bloom during the months of July through August, a spectacular array of colours. Also there is the Van Rhijn Museum which is where you will learn the story of this interesting town. The Vanrhynsdorp mountains used to be the home to the San Bushmen and you can still visit the caves and see the rock art. There are a numerous hiking trails that you can enjoy.

Vanrhynsdorp enjoys a mediterranean climate with hot & dry summer months and cold & wet winters with snow on the high mountain peaks.

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