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Uvongo - South Coast Tourism, KwaZulu Natal
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Uvongo,  South Coast KZN, is a bustling seaside holiday town situated at the mouth of the Ivunga River, where a magnificent waterfall plummets 23m down into the deepest lagoon in the country. Large rock escarpments covered with beautiful, dense foliage shelter Uvongo Beach, where visitors can swim, surf and snorkel in the warm South Coast Indian Ocean waters. For the adventurous, the caves of the Uvongo Lagoon offer a popular destination for divers. However, this South Coast dive site is not recommended for the faint hearted, as it's very dark, underwater visibility is poor, and torches are required.

Due to the water in the Uvongo Lagoon consisting of a combination of fresh water from the river and sea water, an unusual variety of marine life can be seen there. Most commonly sighted in the underwater caves are juvenile rock salmon, fresh water Congo eels and moonies. For the uninitiated, Uvongo H2O Scuba Diving will enlighten you to the point where you may never be happy on dry land again!
Hire a pedal boat and explore the Uvongo River, or take a footpath and amble alongside the river to the Uvongo River Nature Reserve which incorporates a well-conserved coastal forest with a wide diversity of trees, shrubs, ferns, orchids and maritime bird life.
Plan a visit to the Uvongo Bird Park, as this amazing South Coast bird park offers walk-through aviaries, where a diversity of vibrant bird life can be discovered. Enjoy tea in the garden, while the children entertain themselves in the play-park.

Uvongo is also known as an anglers paradise, especially during the annual South Coast 'Sardine Run', bringing this town to life with an energetic buzz of fishermen and locals as the tiny silver fish beach. Considered to be the greatest shoal on earth, these billions of fish bring with them numerous larger game fish, dolphins, sharks, seals, whales and a variety of birdlife seeking an easy meal, making Uvongo's annual ocean extravaganza undoubtedly one of the most spectacular South Coast marine events. 

The KZN South Coast is also known as the 'Golf Coast', as there are eleven KwaZulu Natal, South Coast Golf Courses for visitors to enjoy, all linked by a superb road network within easy reach of each other, and with well appointed golf clubhouses and a friendly 19th hole!

Visit other South Coast towns south of Uvongo:

Manaba Beach - 2.9km from Uvongo
Margate - 3km from Uvongo
Ramsgate - 5.8km from Uvongo
Southbroom -  17.2km from Uvongo

South Coast towns north of Uvongo:

St Michaels-on-Sea - 3.6km from Uvongo
Shelly Beach - 5.5km from Uvongo
Oslo Beach - 16km from Uvongo
Port Shepstone - 19.3km from Uvongo

One can spend forever wandering up and down the beautiful KwaZulu Natal South Coast, exploring charming little sea-side towns rich with vibrant cultural heritage, diverse fauna and flora, a multitude of local attractions, and of course, plenty of South Coast accommodation to suit all pockets and tastes. If you're an avid sun-worshiper, fisherman, surfer, scuba diver ... or anyone who loves glorious beaches, numerous places of interest, a wide choice of shopping facilities and activities, gourmet restaurants, entertainment and exciting nightlife, then the sub-tropical paradise of the  KZN South Coast is definitely the place for your next family vacation.

Things to do in towns near Uvongo:

Be enchanted at the South Coast Ramsgate Butterfly Valley.
Between October and April be captivated by the Barn Swallows of Umkobi Lagoon (Southbroom).
Dive the Pretoria Banks Reef 7km out to sea off Shelly Beach.
Thrill the kids with a visit to the South Coast Pure Venom Snake Park (Shelly Beach)
Port Shepstone Museum provides visitors with a glimpse into the history of the town,
Port Shepstone Lighthouse - located at the mouth of the Mzimkulu River.

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