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Oanob lake resort near Rehoboth, Namibia


Recorded as the most northern settlement in the Hardap Region of Namibia, Rehoboth lies only 90 kilometers from the countries capital, Windhoek. The town which is situated in a dense acacia woodland of camel thorn, sweet-thorn and candle-pod acacia, is also known for its hot springs. It was these hot springs that brought early man to this area. Rehoboth is intersected from north to south by the national road B1, which puts it on a main route for travelers who are on their way to Sossusvlei, Hardap Dam, Fish River Canyon and on to Namibia's other main southern tourist attractions.

Although the missionary Franz Heinrich Kleinschmidt of the German Rhenish Missionary Society named the place Rehoboth in 1845, when a mission was established among the resident Nama, it is most well known for being the original settlement of the Rehoboth Basters. The Basters are descendants of people of mixed parentage who trekked across the Orange River from the Cape Colony in South Africa, under their leader Hermanus van Wyk, and settled at Rehoboth in 1870. Over the years the community grew substantially and settled in the surroung area which became known as the Rehoboth Gebied.

The Rehoboth museum houses a unique collection of material from the Rehoboth region. From the rocks and minerals deposited millions of years ago to an overview of the activities of the Rehoboth government of the 1980s. The museum is part of an international network of museums and foundations and is renowned for displaying a unique collection on the history of the Rehoboth Baster people.

Lying only 6 kilometers west of Rehoboth is the Oanob Dam, which is the main supply of fresh water to the town of Rehoboth. The dam is also home to the Lake Oanob Resort and Game Reserve, a popular venue for day and weekend outings for locals and tourists alike, especially birdwatchers and water-sport enthusiasts. There are a number of facilities at the resort including picnic places with braai (barbecue) facilities, a restaurant, and a number of walking trails around the dam. Another popular attraction for tourists and locals is the Reho-Spa which offers a heated indoor pool and outdoor pool. Then there is the Acacia Forest which is an area of around 8400 hectares of large camel-thorn trees (some are estimated to be 2 000 years old). The Acacia Forest is also a popular attraction that lies within the municipal boundaries of Rehoboth.