Jacobs Baai : Accommodation, Activities, Restaurants & Points Of Interest

Jacobs Baai

The isolated hamlet of Jacobsbaai, just north of Saldanha Bay, is less than 90 minutes' drive from Cape Town along the R27. Locals and tourists alike call this area "Namaqualand by the sea" and the countryside around Jacobsbaai does indeed turn into a wildflower tapestry in spring.

Jacobsbaai might be small but it boasts 7 different bays, each with its own personality. Jacobsbaai has a sea frontage of 2km with sandy and rocky bays that are home to a variety of seafood, such as mussels, abalone and crayfish. The coastal fynbos supports a variety of wildlife including jackal, duiker, steenbok and tortoise. Bird watching is popular, especially during the migration season and Southern Right whales and dolphins can be spotted along the coast.

Other activities in Jacobsbaai include fishing, diving, crayfishing and hiking. A 17 km hiking trail runs between the Swartriet and Tietiesbaai bays, while Kwaaibaai is a good spot for surfing. Toothrock and Bamboesbaai are popular for diving, fishing and crayfishing.