Manzini Market

The vibrant and colourful Manzini Market, located in Swaziland's biggest city, the lowveld city of Manzini, operates every Thursday, and provides an excellent opportunity for crafters both local and from afar to showcase their their wares. The market has gained a reputation as a popular tourist attraction, and houses a wide and interesting variety of traditional Swazi arts, crafts, curios and other hand made items. Most of the stalls at the Manzini Market are operated by women who manufacture their wares at their villages and make their way to the market to sell them.

A large portion of the Manzini Market is set aside for the sale of fruits and vegetables, household items and traditional medicines while a separate portion of the market is devoted to an enormous range of products which include interesting hand carved wooden pieces, traditional pottery, beautiful beadwork and embroidery, various leather products, and woven baskets for which Swaziland is very well known. Also to be found at the Manzini Market are a large variety of fabrics from Zimbabwe, Congo and Mozambique which are hard to find elsewhere in Swaziland. The crafts section of the Manzini Market is much larger, and features a much more varied selection of items to choose from. It is said that the Manzini Market provides visitors with better value for money than many of the other markets in Swaziland. Visitors are reminded that this is a typical African market, and can become crowded, noisy and dirty from time to time.

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