Gubu Dam

The Gubu Dam, situated halfway between Keiskamma Hoek and Stutterheim, gains its name from the crystal clear stream which has its source at the foot of Mt. Thomas, and the valley in which the dam was built. Gubu is a Xhosa word meaning "drum", much like the drums used by the ancient Xhosa healers and witchdoctors who used to gather medicinal herbs from the region. It is said that some of the plants which grow in the area cannot be found anywhere else.

Mt. Thomas was reportedly frequented by lynx, leopard and wild cat, which were hunted for their "magical" qualities. The cats were said to be extremely cunning and dangerous, and so the witchdoctors, who were the only ones to venture there, would walk with drums to scare of predators, and communicate with their ancestors. The beating of the drums would echo through the region, and so it was named Gubu, the place of drums.

The Gubu Dam, which covers about 100 ha, is located about 100km East London. The dam is stocked with both Brown, and Rainbow Trout, and is the home of countless waterfowl. The dam is also the home of the Stutterheim Trout Angling Club. Fishing at the Gubu Dam is permitted, however only in the form of fly-fishing, and visitors wishing to do so, require a day permit, which can be obtained from the bailiff's house at the dam.

The Stutterheim Trout Angling Club holds an annual Fly-fishing Festival, where fly-fishing enthusiasts and their families gather at the dam for a pleasurable weekend of good company and good fishing. No power boats are allowed on this dam but sailing and boating for pleasure are permitted.

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