Kabeljous Nature Reserve

The Kabeljous Nature Reserve lies situated on the Eastern cape coast, a short distance north of Jeffrey's Bay. The reserve covers an area of 250 ha, and consists of a number of pristine coastal dunes, wetlands, valley bush and Euphorbia forest. The reserve includes parts of the Kabeljous River and estuary, and sports a coastal frontage of almost three kilometers.

The Kabeljous Nature Reserve is home to a variety of mammals, which include bushbuck, blue duiker, bush pig, grysbok, porcupine, rooikat, mongoose & large spotted genet. The reserve also serves as an ideal bird watching destination, and supports an impressive list of about a hundred species, which include mating pairs of Fish Eagle. Within the reserve visitors will find a scenic hiking trail, which varies in length between three and seven kilometers, depending which routes are taken. Highlights along the route include a beautiful waterfall, and a picnic site.

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