Lamberts Bay Crayfish Festival

Lamberts Bay Crayfish Festival

Lamberts Bay Crayfish Festival
The Lamberts Bay Crayfish Festival is held annually in Lamberts Bay on the West Coast of South Africa. It is approximately two and a half hours away from Cape Town which makes it a lovely scenic trip and convenient for locals and visitors. It is one of the most beautiful seaside towns on the west coast. The Crayfish Festival is more commonly known as the "Kreeffees" which is the Afrikaans translation. The "Kreef", meaning crayfish, and "fees", meaning feast or festival. This is exactly where you will get to do both. This annual festival is held during the month of March. The atmosphere is electric with live music by local musicians and eat as much crayfish as your heart desires, what a luxury.

The festival also offers a beer tent, bungee jumping, aerial displays and a half marathon. There is something for everyone, of all ages. So, make a weekend of it and come enjoy the fun in the sun on the gorgeous West Coast with loads of entertainment, laughter and of course crayfish.

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