La Chouette – a gem in Franschhoek

If you venture into the heart of Franschhoek, you will come across a newly restored barn house that was built in 1860. La Chouette offers visitors an “other worldly” experience.

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Picture it… you wake up, snuggled in your duck down duvet and Egyptian cotton linen, roll over and sigh to yourself, thinking how lucky you are. The colonial paddle fans turn lazily above you. No need to make the bed, as the housekeeper will tend to that.


Bedroom-3a Bedroom-3e Bedroom-1p


You make your way to the library and choose one of the many books to indulge in. Once your coffee is made, you head outside with your book and coffee to the vine covered verandah, where the mountain views leave you in awe.


Verandah-2k Verandah-2j Verandah-2l


The morning sun starts to beat on your skin, so you decide it’s the perfect time for a swim. The peace and quiet makes you feel at one with nature as you lounge in the pool, soaking up the rays and listening to the birds chirping in the Yellowwood tree that towers over the wooden deck.

Garden-1u Garden-1v Garden-1w


You get out of the pool to take a stroll around the newly landscaped garden. Some of the older trees provide fresh lemons and avocados, which you pick to use for your salad later. A grove of olive trees has been planted and water pears line the fence. As you look around, you notice the hedges, dry stone walls and a secret sitting area in this magnificent garden.


Garden-1f Entrance-1f Garden-5a


You head on back inside, pour yourself a glass of wine from the carefully selected collection, and sink into one of the leather sofas. Completely relaxed, you gaze around, admiring the predominantly sleek grey and wood decor in this “country French meets industrial chic” gem of a house.


Lounge-1c Dining-Room-1d


You spend the rest of the day out on the town, visiting local attractions such as the Wine Tram, which takes you on an adventure through the vineyards of Franschhoek. You get to experience breathtaking scenery, world-class cuisine, fine wines and a 300 year old history.


wine tram


As you arrive back at La Chouette, you feel the temperature has dropped, so you get a fire started in the wood burning stove and sink into a chair with a glass of wine.


Bedroom-1b Kitchen-2e Entrance



A day here feels like no other. La Chouette is a place you won’t forget!

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