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Fly De Aar School

Paragliding in De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa

Skydiving / Parachuting / Paragliding
in De Aar, Karoo,
Northern Cape, South Africa

Paragliding (known in some countries as parapenting) is a recreational and competitive wind sport that is best described as a hybrid of hang gliding and parachuting & is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. One of purest forms of free flight, it is the best way to play in the sky & fly freely amongst the birds
 Learning to fly: Initial training for beginning pilots begins with 'ground school' to discuss the basics & theories of flight as well as basic structure and operation of a paraglider. Students learn how to control the glider on the ground, practice take-off's and controlling the wing 'overhead'. Next is low, gentle launches were students get their first short flights & get used to handling the wing & to land. As skills progress, students move on to higher winch tows. Training instructions are given to student via radio, particularly during the first flights
 Courses Available:
 1. Tandem flights - no training required as you fly with an experienced Tandem Pilot. A way for those that just want to experience the thrill of free flight or those who are unsure/nervous to fly solo
 2. Introductory Course - ("Intro" or "Taster" course) - just enough training to experience 3 - 4 solo flights. We generally do the Introductory 'taster' course on weekends
 3. Basic License - after 1 or both of the above options you decide to make paragliding your hobby/sport & want to become a licensed Paragliding Pilot. This will allow you to fly basic SAHPA registered sites in SA or internationally
 4. XC training, for pilots who wish to expand or improve on their flying skills.
 The School:
 Fly De Aar is a 'S.A.H.P.A.'(South African Hanggliding & Paragliding Ass.) registered school. Arnold Pansi (Paragliding for 12 yrs, with a Sports, Tandem Instructor License & an FAI Observer), Des Pansi (Paragliding for 12 yrs, with a Sports, Instructor License & an FAI Observer & SA Lady Open distance record holder) - Both worked in Austria for a paragliding manufacturer for 2 years & been running the school & the flying site for 4 years) and Thys Pretorius (Assistant Instructor & based in Bloemfontein). Most training is done in De Aar but limited pre-arranged courses also available in Bloemfontein & Dunnoter, Springs.
 The Fine Print... There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate courses. Reservations are required and are not confirmed until a deposit has been paid. The deposit for all courses is 50% of the total cost. Deposits are refundable only if a qualified replacement student can be found for your reservation. Fly De Aar school of Paragliding reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time. Students are required to have their own medical insurance. Please note: The minimum age for a student is 16 years old. NO INSURANCE IS PROVIDED! TRAIN AND FLY AT YOUR OWN RISK! /

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Fly De Aar School : De Aar Paragliding - Northern Cape Activity and Adventure

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